8615 Ridgely's Choice Road, Ste 205, Nottingham, MD 21236

Housing Program Intake: 410-522-3746 • Housing Administration: 410-534-8735 • Substance Use & Behavioral Health Admissions: 443-869-4909 (phone) 443-869-4928 (fax) portrecovery@ymail.com


At Port Recovery our “wrap-around” approach was developed to address a variety of needs within a centralized location.

Port Recovery offers our house residents free transportation to/from the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Mental Health building.

Mental Health & Counseling
Mandatory for ALL clients

As a condition of our program, all clients of Port Recovery will be required to attend some form of weekly substance abuse and/or mental health counseling. These services are contracted through local clinics to provide outstanding service, as well as, any necessary medications.

On-Site Weekly 12-Step Meeting
Mandatory at every facility

Although our homes are located near and around many 12-step meeting places, every house has a weekly 12-step meeting, held on site and facilitated by our house liaison.

  • Speaker Meetings
  • Step Guide Meetings
  • Art Therapy Meetings & more…

Spiritual Meetings
Mandatory at every facility

Every home is assigned a spiritual liaison to facilitate a spiritual, not religious meeting weekly.

Weekly Community Meeting
Mandatory at every facility

Every home has a weekly community meeting to discuss any issues or concerns within. This is a great time to get to know your housemates and learn to resolve issues.