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About Port Recovery

Our Philosophy

Our Message of Hope » Recovery from active chemical dependency is achievable, even for those feeling overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness.

Port Recovery recognizes that chemical dependency is a treatable condition with a high potential for successful recovery.  The transitional housing setting includes opportunities for the residents to face realistic, appropriate, everyday challenges and to develop and utilize methods for coping as they re-enter society.

Our residents are treated with dignity and respect as they continue the journey in recovery, healing and finding hope.  They reside in private homes and are held accountable for day-to-day responsibilities.

Compassion and support are crucial in all stages of recovery.  Our clients are provided with information on outside programs such as our out-patient counseling, medical assistance and parenting classes.

Port Recovery provides a safe, secure atmosphere that fosters honesty, open mindedness and willingness. We believe that each individual deserves the gift of recovery.