8615 Ridgely's Choice Road, Ste 205, Nottingham, MD 21236

Admissions: 443-869-4909 (phone) 443-869-4928 (fax) [email protected]

House Policies

  1. Zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use (including abuse of prescription medications).  Any evidence of such is grounds for immediate dismissal and managers will notify the Executive Director immediately.  No exceptions.
  2. You are not permitted to spend time with or be seen with known drug users or dealers, including family members.
  3. ALL MEDICATIONS must be kept in a lockbox.  NO SHARING OF LOCKBOXES or MEDICATIONS is allowed.
  4. All new residents will be placed on a buddy system for 30 days.  You must sign in and out when leaving the program and remain with safe people.  You will attend NA/AA meetings with other clients in your house.
  5. Residents must be awake, dressed with their beds made and personal areas cleaned by 9:00AM.
  6. Build a network with your gender (i.e., women with women, men with men).
  7. All residents are required to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. NO EXCEPTIONS. You must be compliant in ALL areas of the Program before you are granted an overnight leave pass.
  8. Rent must be current in order to be granted overnights.  This includes managers.
  9. You must take a meeting slip and have it signed/stamped at the meeting.
  10. You must obtain a home group and a sponsor within 30 days.
  11. It is required that you attend substance abuse and/or mental health counseling.  Failure to attend could result in dismissal from the Program.
  12. You must submit to random urinalysis upon request. Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  13. Curfews are as follows:
    • 10:00PM for the first 30 days — No exceptions.
    • After 30 days at the discretion of the House Manager
  14. House managers and program staff have access to your area at all times.
  15. All clients will be assigned a chore at their place of residence and are completed at that location.
  16. Visitors are not permitted above the first floor. No visitor is permitted in your personal area and clients are not allowed in the personal area of others.
  17. With the discretion of the House Manager, visitors are permitted to visit:
    • Monday -Thursday from 4PM – 8PM
    • Friday from 4PM -10PM
    • Saturday from Noon – 10PM
  18. Lights out, music and TV off by 11:30PM Sunday – Thursday
  19. All house meetings are mandatory.
  20. Unless working the night shift, the kitchen is closed after 9:30PM; there will be no cooking.
  21. Stealing, fighting or disrespecting others are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.
  22. An atmosphere of recovery will be maintained at all times in the house.
  23. You are not allowed to bring any furniture into the program.
  24. Port Recovery is never responsible for personal injury or property. When you have completed your stay, please inform us that you will be leaving and remove all of your personal belongings.  Upon departure, all personal property needs to be removed from Port Recovery houses within 3 days, including clients who have been discharged by staff.
  25. All rules and regulations are subject to change.  Please keep this in mind.